Wiley's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Buying Your Jewelry

    Stop by our location or call for an appointment for a free evaluation while you wait.You are not obligated or pressured in any way to accept our offer. It is our job to make sure you know the facts about your valuables before you sell them to anyone.

The Evaluation 

    The evaluation is done right in front of you  and  never leaves your site.All metals are separated into the different Karat /metal contents. All diamond weights are estimated while in the mounting. If you choose to just sell the metal  and keep your gemstones we will be happy to remove them and return them to you .


    If you accept our offer you will be paid immediately with check  on a local bank .
You will also be required to fill out a bill of sale and  will need a copy of
a photo ID for our file.

Trade in your gold and diamonds and recieve
20% more! 

We offer additional value  for your jewelry if you choose to apply it toward  a new piece, repair or custom job. 20% more!



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